Yes! You Can Write Audiobook

30th Anniversary Edition

Designed to produce increased results and satisfaction in writing. Whether we are writing a memo or a novel or a business plan, when we commit our thoughts to words on paper, we put out in the world what had not existed before. We make something. We takes pieces and make a whole. We make order out of things previously unconnected. And this writing bears our stamp. It is our presence and our influence and our power in the world. There are two very simple messages: First is that YOU are a writer and Second is that there is a way to write that is natural to the way your mind works. There is a sequence of things to do and ways to think that produce order out of chaos if you follow the proper sequence. Discover how to get started EVERY time you sit down to write, how to have fresh ideas on any subject, how to gauge what result your writing is going to produce, how to revise quickly and effectively, how to complete a piece of writing, and even how to break writer’s block. You do want to write, and you deserve to get to write, make that dream come true.