Seven Choices: A Pocket Guide

We use the Seven Choices Pocket Guide in our grief support groups and in our hospice visits to families who are bereaved. Just this week a gentleman in one of the grief support groups said, “This book speaks to me. I can see where I’m stuck in my grieving process. This book really helps!” We have recently decided to incorporate Seven Choices Pocket Guide into our curriculum in an even more integral way. We find that both men and women say they get great value from this book.
–Hospice of Jasper County, Newton, Iowa

A wonderful resource…the illustrations and stories people can use for themselves. The coping skills listed at the end of the chapters and the map of the complete grieving process are great tools. We use this book in all our support groups.
–Widowed Persons Services, Mobile, Alabama

A selected list of groups and organizations have ordered Seven Choices Pocket Guide

  • AARP St. Michael’s Hospice
  • University of Northern Iowa
  • Retreat Living TV
  • Radney Funeral Home
  • Steven’s Ministry
  • Community of Hope
  • Grief Education Group
  • Rockview Hospital
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center
  • Missouri School of Religion CenterCommunity Christian Church
  • Lover’s Lane First United Methodist Church
  • St. Luke’s on the Lake Episcopal Church


Also available: Terrain of Active Grieving Process Card (Pack of 10)

54 pages (August 2003) Centerpoint Pr; ISBN: 0-937897-44-2 $4.95