A Sacred Primer

A Sacred Primer: The Essential Guide to Quiet Time and Prayer is a source of balance, guidance, calm, and joy; it guides you on the rewarding journey of integrating your spiritual desire and your hectic daily life into one seamless whole. It is like a cherished patchwork quilt—created with raw material from varied but treasured sources and bound together with love and care.

Amazon.com Editorial Review

Without a specific religion to provide structure and offer guidance, it is difficult to create a spiritual discipline much less practice one. Even those who go to church and synagogue appreciate suggestions as to how they can help their spirituality overlap with their everyday existence. Responding to this longing, Elizabeth Neeld offers a primer–packed with ideas and inspirational recommendations for creating stillness and soul-tending devotion in daily living. Although the intention is not a new one–plenty of authors have cashed in on the “everyday sacred” premise–Neeld’s suggestions are original and eloquent, and reflect years of research rather than a whimsical, hot-selling idea. Chapters include “Encouraging a Spiritual Attitude,” “Experiencing the Sacred,” “Praying with Words,” and “Surviving the Windstorms.” At the end of each chapter, Neeld suggests specific tasks for helping the human more easily meet the divine.
–Gail Hudson

NAPRA Review

Neeld reveals some absolute gems of wisdom, gives encouragement when needed, understands every kind of skepticism, and ultimately leads the reader to a totally doable spiritual practice, all with a style that respects that which is sacred and that which is academic. Few books have bridged this gap so beautifully and as succinctly as this one.